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Digital Exposed Seminar

Wondering what “checking in” is all about? Wondering why people and not birds are tweeting? Do you know that your business needs to sell online but don’t know the first thing about it?

Digital Exposed is a seminar…

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Peroxide, bleached, frosted, milky, snowy, ivory, chalky – it’s a whitewash

If there was one trend that was blindingly obvious at the recent Australian Fashion Week, it was the tidal wave of bright white sweeping across every fashion brand from Fernando Frisoni to Christopher Esber, Michael Lo Sordo and Melbourne label, Friend of Mine.
Clothing in chalky hues were seen together, on top of and tucked into one another, layered alongside complementary milky shades and ivory tones.
But this look paled in comparison with Friend of Mine’s debut collection showcase who went all the way with the icy trend, pairing the milky-faced peroxide princess, Krystal Glynn and fellow pint-sized bleach-haired glamour, Anja Konstantinova with a snow-white mini dress and white ankle boots.

Krystal Glynn and Anja Konstantinova (above) are all white on the night for the Friend of Mine SS 11/12 RAFW show. Images via Fashionising

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Blog Love… Gail Elliott x Little Joe Woman…

Image source: Courier Mail

Remember the 90s when the world’s most glamorous runway girls were labelled with the `supermodel’ tag and wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000?
It seemed like crazy money back then, but in fact five-figure sums for campaign contracts today are quite the norm.
However, while the money was major, it was the supermodel status that etched these catwalk creatures into high-fashion history and sharing in that narrative is our Premiere boutique trade show exhibitor and Little Joe Woman designer, Gail Elliott.

And the pair strutting it for Chanel with Le Bon’s three-year-old daughter, Amber

She stalked the runways with all the big model greats from best friend Cindy Crawford to Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and fellow brit babe, Yasmin Le Bon who recently flew down under to strut her stuff in support of Elliott’s second Rosemount Australian Fashion Week show in Sydney.

90s supermodel besties, Yasmin Le Bon and Gail Elliott walk in her RAFW show for label, Little Joe Woman

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen defend their `homeless chic’ look…

THERE aren’t many trends the Olsen twins pull off that aren’t religiously copied by their legion of die-hard fans across the globe.
Hundreds of sites are dedicated to their daily style, at the burst of a paparazzi flashbulb the stylish duo are papped as they leave their house or work branding signature oversized shades, unkempt locks and the super-size-me Starbucks takeaway coffee cups.
These shots spawn millions of hits and subsequently, squillions of copycat trendsetters mimicking their every move.
Leading a life before the lens since birth, there’s no way of escaping the incessant and ever-hungry media spotlight, which means there are looks that are captured when the girls aren’t even trying to be stylish.
The fact that their personal style is even emulated at all, is even a mystery to the twins themselves.
But it was the `homeless chic’ style in particular that sparked the most mimicry of them all, with high street retailers ripping off the trend and labeling the layered up bum look as fashion’s hottest trend.

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Closet Trendsetters…

Image Source: L-R; Kirrily Johnston RAFW via; Lisa Ho RAFW via Fabsugar; Flannel RAFW via Perth Now

FROM toddlers playing dress ups in our parent’s closets to the change rooms of our favourite designers or high street chains, whether it’s conscious or not, fashion forms an inherent part of our personality and daily lives.
It’s our personal style that defines who we are.
Each day as we stroll out the front door to work or play, the outfit we choose portrays our mood.
For some, clothing is a way to offer the world a glimpse of the `real you’ beneath, or alternatively to mask it.
To others, getting dressed can be likened to a daily performance, taking on a character as thought the street is their stage where they can act out another side of their persona.
It’s for this reason, so many of us love fashion, for it’s unique ability to help us step outside our everyday selves and into the heels of a high fashion runway model, our favourite celebrity, sports star, or old Hollywood movie icon.

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