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Digital Exposed Seminar

Wondering what “checking in” is all about? Wondering why people and not birds are tweeting? Do you know that your business needs to sell online but don’t know the first thing about it?

Digital Exposed is a seminar…

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New era awaits textile and fashion industry

• Textile and fashion industry essential to daily life and must be sustainable
• CEO calls for a newly elected government to rethink policy and funding
• Market intervention from election result is overdue and welcomed

The Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia (TFIA) Chief Executive, Richard Evans says that a new era for the textile and fashion industry awaits it after this week of intense politics and economic news. Evans suggests with political certainty, low interest rates and an economy showing signs of recovery then consumers will re-enter the market.

“This week will be a fascinating period for the industry,” Evans said. “Retail trade figures are out, the Reserve Bank meets to discuss interest rates, job figures are due, and we have a federal election. This all means we may have a positive market intervention and consumers will begin to come back before Christmas.”

“We believe consumers will welcome the end to political uncertainty this weekend and begin to re-enter the market,” Evans said. “Our expectation is the August interest rate cut will begin to impact consumers from October, and coupled with the end of uncertainty from a minority government, consumers will begin to loosen their spending habits.”

“No matter the result on Saturday, there is one thing of which we can be certain … there will be no minority government and that is the result the industry wants,” Evans said. “We don’t expect retail sales to have changed significantly in July because consumers have closed their wallets and purses; and whilst we may see an increase in unemployment in some markets, we don’t expect the Reserve Bank to cut rates further from record lows. But, with a clear result on Saturday, we expect consumers to be reassured and keen to come back to the market.”

“Consumers need security; they want secure jobs and they want a secure government; and they want an end to the constant news of doom and gloom from and this overly long election campaign.” Evans said.

The Textile and Fashion industry will be keen for early talks with an elected Rudd or Abbott government about the sustainability of the sector. Textiles and fashion have an impact on virtually everything we touch in our daily lives and we must begin to acknowledge its importance to, not only the economy, but society. Both Parties have released policies that are at the core of the Textile and Fashion industry needs.

“The Rudd Government has foreshadowed changes to the over regulated labour market and we will be keen to talk to them about reducing the current burden within our industry, specifically for small businesses,” Evans said. “Mr Rudd has also indicated tax incentives for our small businesses and these will be welcomed.”

“Mr Abbott has offered Strategic Growth Action Agendas which hits our industry’s policy buttons because we need a cultural change in policy development from the federal government,” Evans said. “So no matter who is successful on Saturday we see a new era for the Textile and Fashion industry.”

“Consumers drive the market and once they have political certainty, low interest rates and good economic news we expect them back in the market in November allowing much needed cash to flow through the supply chain over the next six months.” Evans said.

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Future directions for Fashion with TFIA CEO at Fashion Exposed 2013

The Fashion Sector has many challenges before it, what do our leaders think about the future?

Richard Evans, TFIA CEO aims to represent the industry to government going forward.

EXPOSED Online editor, Sacha Strebe chats to him about the future of manufacturing in Australia, how we can develop an industry body, and why consumers aren’t buying.

For more information, visit

To learn more about the TFIA, visit

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Talking Accessory Trends FW 2014 with Stylesight at Fashion Exposed 2013

We chat to Saisangeeth Daswani, Trend Specialist, Asia Pacific at Stylesight on the key themes that are influencing accessory trends for Fall Winter 2014.

She presented a concise synopsis at the Fashion Exposed Conference today that revealed the top 10 essential accessory trends for fall/winter 2014, across categories including jewellery, bags, eyewear, footwear and belts, as well as directional colour palettes, prints and patterns, and trims.

Here are Stylesight’s top 10 trends for accessories F/W 14:

1. Rich Synergy: Lush, Sensuous palette
2. Peaceful Solace: Soft, whispering shades
3. Dark Desire: Moody, mysterious hues
4. Optimistic Showers: Bright, joyful colour
5. Folklore Fusion: Rich bohemia
6. Muted Minimalism: Tender volume
7. Firm Code: Black armor
8. Dark Romantics: Ethereal lace
9. Punch of Pop: Happy graphics
10. Rainbow Revolution: Colour confidence

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Talking VM with John Strickland of Myer, Fashion Exposed 2013

In this short video, we chat to John Strickland, National Visual Merchandising Manager for Myer on how VM can influence the consumer after his presentation at the Fashion Exposed Conference.

Through John’s experience at Myer, he discussed how you can create atmosphere and theatre through Visual Merchandising.

He spoke with EXPOSED online editor, Sacha Strebe about budgeting for VM, where you can seek inspiration & new ideas, some of the consumer touch points, and his rule of odd numbers.

Tomorrow is your last chance to attend the Fashion Exposed Conference.

For more information, seminar line-up and times, visit

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The 2014/15 Megatrends with Stylesight at Fashion Exposed, 2013

Stylesight’s Megatrends delivers the big-picture, by analysing the emerging concepts that will shape the areas of design — from fashion and beauty to interior design, prints and graphics.

We chat to Stylesight Trend Specialist, Lyndal Wallis at Fashion Exposed on what a Megatrend is, how we interpret them, and how trends impact design.

The Fashion Exposed Conference continues today and tomorrow at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For the complete line-up and session times, visit

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`Taking back retail’ with Portable at Fashion Exposed, 2013

In this short video, Co-founder / Director of Portable, Simon Goodrich chats to EXPOSED Online editor, Sacha Strebe at the Fashion Exposed Conference on `Taking back retail’, why you should create a digital strategy, quick tips for tackling technology, how you don’t need $$$ to set up a functioning website, and why content is still king.

These are his key take aways:

- The longer you’re online, the more people will find you. We’re playing the long game
- Use social media to amplify, don’t be afraid to communicate often
- Develop your own voice
- There are many elements to a digital strategy, you don’t need to do all of them, just do what you do with passion

Don’t miss our full seminar line-up on Day 2 of Fashion Exposed with key speaker, John Strickland of Myer talking about `How Visual Merchandising can influence the customer’.

For session times and more information, visit

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Tales of seduction

After noticing a distinct gap in the market for sensual products for women that incorporated high-end design with an affordable price tag, Emily Bendell realised her calling.

Based in London, BlueBella kicked off in 2006 with the mission of making every woman feel fabulous. Their size range reflects this philosophy starting at a UK dress size 6 to 26 and running from an A cup to G cup. Their core offering is elegant sensual styles that are also wearable, designing with `real women in mind’.

Bluebella will make its official debut into the Australian market at Fashion Exposed trade event this weekend August 25-27 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. This is the first BlueBella collection to launch outside Europe, working with Australasian distributor, The Love Group.

The theme for this collection is ‘Tales of Seduction’. It’s about sensuality and intrigue, excitement and intense pleasure, secret liaisons and delicious decadence but also of empowerment and control.

`Tales of Seduction’ is about a woman who knows her own mind, knows what she wants, and feels absolutely fabulous in getting it. She is in control. She is beautiful and feminine, but she is fierce too. She is writing her own story. She is the author of her own tales. Softly playful styles such as Tatiana and Brigitte are all about the bedroom and allow one to be soft and feminine. While provocatively erotic styles such as Lavinia and Eden feature bondage-inspired strapping, but are still beautifully wearable under any outfit. The fun is in knowing how amazing you look under your clothes…’

Don’t miss this exciting new lingerie brand and collection.

Visit BlueBella on stand 3618 during Fashion Exposed from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information, visit

Register HERE.

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Enjoy being you with style

Jeannyfe Spary details her personal story from a small child with big dreams in the Philippines to launching her new label Harspa at Fashion Exposed this month

I was constantly bullied during my younger years, even when I reached high school and in my university days, because of how I dress or carry myself. These experiences left me feeling as if there was something wrong with me and I thought that’s why they acted like that towards me. So I keep myself busy inside our family home in the Philippines and spent much time drawing, playing with my toys and dolls with my sister.

I said to myself “I will not let these experiences affect my life.” So I prayed for anyone who bullied me that they will be blessed in their lives and I forgave them for whatever they did towards me, intentionally or unintentionally.

My mum usually cuts the patterns in paper and sewed clothes for me and my sister during occasions growing up, she also sewed curtains for our home. I watched her using the manual paddled SINGER sewing machine. I became very interested in what she created from a very young age. When I turned nine, my father who worked abroad sent me six mini dolls that were four inches tall and had six different hair colours. They had tiny dresses of course, so I began cutting different paper dresses and coloured them individually so I could play dress ups with it. I spent many hours doing it because I enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t find friends really but the closest people in my life are still my family.

On my mum’s side, my cousins and aunties always passed on their out grown clothes and mum was so happy because we could save a lot of money, and she would adjust them to fit my size. So I was able to see what she did to all those dresses and I’m so proud of her hard work and creativity.

I got busy making dresses for my mini dolls and used fabric instead. Then she taught me how to wear 2 inches high heels when I tuned 12 years old. Every time I came home from school, she asked me to practice how to walk straight gracefully with a chin up position, she put books on my head and instructed me to walk straight without dropping them.

When I turned 14, I designed and sewed my first plain pink blouse with piping on the edges of the fabric of my floral printed skirt. I wore them confidently at school but nobody knew that I made them. My father also sent me fabrics from the Middle East. I designed my dresses on it, then my mum sewed it and sometimes I would pay my neighbour, who is a dress maker, to do it for me too. When I saw any of my mums old clothes from when she was young, and I liked the fabric, then I would recycle it by making it into another blouse, skirt or dress. My love for wearing them never ends because I’m the only person who has it and people notice that it’s unique.

There is no university or fashion design school in the Philippines, so I took a Bachelor of Science in Tourism instead where I learned about the culture of different people and how they dress, the fabrics they use and create that are specific to their nation. This developed my eagerness to create unique clothes and express who I am.

I joined a beauty pageant contest from 18-21 years old, just to model different clothes designed by different Filipino designers on stage. But after my studies, I worked to help my sister to university and my brother to school because my father stopped working abroad. So I worked in different offices and traveled to different countries and all along I took in the different styles, and heard famous designer names. YouTube is great because I can see the styles from different designers each season around the world.

I then got married at 26 with my Australian husband. I stopped working for myself for almost 9 years to help build my husband’s painting and decorating business and take good care of our three wonderful girls.

As the days go by, I see myself in my three unique daughters, watching them grow play dress up at home. They talk about shoes, bags and dresses to wear and sometimes draw and colour them. I said to myself “it’s time for me to do what I really love to do”. This time it will be great and even better because I have my three girls who are interested too. It will be good to work together even if they are young because they are so creative. So my mind was set to do it and I told my husband “That this time I really have to do what I love to do!”.

A family friend (Neville Harris) saw my shoes and clothing designs, then after a long discussion and planning on our dining table at home, Harspa Pty Ltd (Stands for Harris & Spary) was registered on April 25, 2013. We decided to join Fashion Exposed 2013 with our few passionately-designed clothes, shoes, bags, wallets & bags from our 2014 collection range.

View the Harspa collection on stand 3806 during Fashion Exposed from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information, visit

Register HERE.

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Tailored to the modern man

There are constant challenges in the ever-changing fashion marketplace, but this is what the City Club brand thrives on.

Since 1948, City Club have become the specialists at manufacturing, wholesaling and distributing mens pants and shorts.

After 60 years, they are now expanding the business to include tailored styles for younger men by interpreting the mens tailoring trends and weaving it into classic collections with quality and value.

City Club is currently sourcing premium cottons, woolblends, technical polyesters and more to continue offering a complete range of styles and fabrics in men’s pants and shorts.

Don’t miss the new collection of slim-fit tailored styles for younger men, as well as new fabrics for the City’s Club’s classic customer, when they showcase the styles at Fashion Exposed from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Be sure to visit C C A AUSTRALIA PTY LTD on stand 4204.

For more information, visit

Register HERE.

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What men want

Fashion and design are universal. They’re also fleeting and fickle.

Working with some of the most renowned designers in the world, Cudworth Enterprises has its fingers firmly on the pulse of the global men’s fashion accessory industry.

Purveyors and wholesalers of distinctive men’s jewellery and accessories, Cudworth Enterprises offers the Australian market an expansive range of products. From sage to savage and from stainless steel to sterling silver, only three words guide them in their selection – WHAT MEN WANT

So where did it all begin? And how did they become Australia’s leading wholesaler in men’s cufflinks and jewellery?

Established in 1918, Cudworth Enterprises was a thriving business when new owners purchased it in 2002. Since then, they have continued to expand into men’s jewellery in both stainless steel and sterling silver.

In that same year, they introduced a collection of leather accessories including men’s bags & wallets. Now Cudworth has stockists all over Australia & New Zealand, France and the UK. Brands include Cudworth Collection, Stainless Steel, Hardware by Cudworth, Savage and they are also the distributors for Lanvin-Paris in neckwear and cufflinks.

Next year will mark their 35th year in the industry and they have contributed to the exciting growth in menswear over the years. Now they can easily say their range competes with international brands and they continue to evolve with their leading edge collections. This is attributed to their design aesthetic, which tends to steer away from the usual trends for something original and fresh.

Cudworth International are currently on tour promoting their 2013 jewellery and leathergood collections. This includes showcasing the range at the Bags & Accessories Fair this month.

The leather collections are usually sourced from India but they are looking into Italian leather for 2014. Stainless Steel for cufflinks and jewellery is commonplace at the Cudworth design studio but they are also working a lot more with IP Plating – a coloured plating for steel – to introduce new colours into the collections rather than raw steel.

Visit Cudworth Enterprises on stand 1720 at the Bags & Accessories Fair co-located with Fashion Exposed from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information, visit

Register HERE.

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