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Digital Exposed Seminar

Wondering what “checking in” is all about? Wondering why people and not birds are tweeting? Do you know that your business needs to sell online but don’t know the first thing about it?

Digital Exposed is a seminar…

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Who’s showing at Australian Fashion Week?

Ellery runway mage via Fashionising

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia has just announced their label line-up including cult label Ksubi, celebrity favourite Camilla, Zimmermann, Lisa Ho, Toni Maticevski, Aurelio Costarella, Jayson Brunsdon, Ellery, and Carl Kapp will be amongst the line-up of designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2012/13 Collections at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal, April 30 to May 4, 2012.

Other stand outs include Romance Was Born, Johanna Johnson, Oroton, Lisa Maree, Gary Bigeni, Bec and Bridge, Miss Unkon, Bowie, Kooey Australia, Michael Lo Sordo, Kirrily Johnston and Talulah.
New talent Watson x Watson and Aje will showcase their collections for the first time with other newcomers including We are Handsome, Elliot Ward Fear, Roopa Pemmaraju, Flowers for a Vagabond, Suboo, An Ode to No One and Project Runway Australia winner Dylan Cooper and alumni by Johnny. Designer involved in the 2012 New Generation, Fashion Design Studio and Raffles emerging talent shows will be announced shortly.

This is set to be a very exciting Australian Fashion Week, stay tuned for more updates.

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Everyone’s Torquing about Fashion…

Fashion Torque hosts Jenny Bannister and Philip Boon

Words really can’t describe the enigmatic, eclectic, and larger than life personalities of iconic fashion designer Jenny Bannister and her fashionable partner in crime, celebrity stylist Philip Boon. The dynamic duo are the colourful hosts of Australia’s only live fashion chat show, Fashion Torque and they need to be seen to be believed. The astounding success of their show is in equal part due to their ability to open up relevant industry issues for public discussion, mixed with their flamboyant fashion sense and penchant for performance. It’s this artistic backdrop that has set the scene for other equally glamboyant stylites who love the chance to dress up, talk fashion, and mingle with like-minded creative creatures. This is enhanced by the FT dress code, with each show themed into a fashion category. The first show of the year is `Jungle Chic’ with a prize for the most inventive ensemble.

Philip Boon and Jenny Bannister in jungle attire for their launch party at Fashion Torque’s new home, the Hasti Bala room, The Carlton

But it’s not all flash and no facts. In the first year Fashion Torque welcomed discerning industry figureheads to its stage including former Project Runway judge and now head buyer for The Iconic website, Sarah Gale; Herald Sun Fashion Editor, Anna Byrne; Garland & Garland Fashion agency co-founder, Phoebe Garland; and our own Exposed Online editor and blogger, Sacha Strebe.

Sacha Strebe, Philip Boon and Jenny Bannister at Fashion Torque, 2011

Fashion Torque kick off their first 2012 show tonight at their new `home’, the Hasti Bala room at The Carlton, Level 3, 193 Bourke Street, Melbourne from 7pm. It’s FREE for everyone to attend, so be sure you don’t miss this unique event and join in the discussion with their special guests Sarah Gale ex-Project Runway judge and buyer extraordinaire at The Iconic; a.Concept designer and Project Runway winner Anthony Capon; fashion reporter on Channel 10′s The Circle and soon-to-be author, Emily Power; and Style Melbourne Editor, Sarah Willcox.

Fashion Exposed Blog took five with Jenny and Philip before their big night to chat about why Fashion Torque has seen such unprecedented success after just one year; their cult following of fashionable attendees; and their individual opinions on working with each other and why it is such a successful recipe.

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Welcome to The Ivory Room…

Let’s face it, the world seems to spin faster than usual these days. Well at least in fashion circles. The speed of collection turn around and range releases has switched to overdrive. No longer are we content to be presented with just one range a season, now there’s the popular Resort, diffusion lines and transeasonal drops in-between – it can be tricky keeping up but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The only set back in the past has been the wait, particularly now since we can see our beloved style bloggers already wearing next season’s pieces before us. Normally we would have to sit and wait with envy and despair, but not anymore.

Thanks to a new wave of websites offering savvy shoppers the option to pre-order next season before it’s even hit the boutiques or online stores. Moda Operandi has been hugely successful overseas offering customers the option to purchase high end designer looks straight off the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan during show season. Now thanks to a clever couple with industry nouse, Australia is about to their very own version, but at much more affordable price points.

Introducing The Ivory Room. Set to launch in March this year, co-founders Brett and Kelly Gaunt are offering Aussie fashion lovers the chance to pre-order pre-season and you can even lay-by. And yes, they offer free shipping too.

Fashion Exposed Blog had to find out more and took five with Brett and Kelly to see how this will actually work; how their fashion backgrounds culminated to create The Ivory Room; what labels they’ll be featuring; and whether they will offer the chance to buy off the runway at Australian Fashion Week.

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Customer Exposed with Mark Fletcher of Shopworks Science at Fashion Exposed, Sydney…

Mark Fletcher of Shopworks Science chats to Fashion Exposed Online Editor, Sacha Strebe after his business seminar, `Understanding shopper insights to inform retailers’.

Mark discussed the importance of tracking customer query profiling, shopper mission profiling and installing a shopper counter system – and more importantly why these research tools are so crucial to the survival of your business.

Click the link to download his Powerpoint Presentation; Customer Exposed 2012

Here is a break down of the seminar;
1. Retailers Objectives
- More shoppers to store, buying, buying multiples & recommending to friends
- Use inventory levels, VM, product ranging, loyalty cards, staff training and store location as your retailer tools

2. Basic Shopper Insights
- Shopper traffic counting – how many shoppers enter your store?
- Shopper demographic profiling – age, sex, alone or in groups
- Shopper query profiling – clarifying categories of queries
- Shopper mission profiling – clarifying categories of mission/reasons

3. Advanced Shopper Insights
- In-store eye tracking
- Customer journey mapping
- Brand engagement research
- In-store shopper tracking

4. Where to start?
- Stop relying on assumptions and past experience
- Recognise that shoppers & retail conditions constantly change
- Audit what accurate data you already own
- Trial some simple processes to collect the information

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Digital Exposed with Simon Goodrich of Portable, Fashion Exposed Sydney…

Simon Goodrich of Portable chats to Fashion Exposed Online Editor, Sacha Strebe at the Sydney trade event after his business seminar, `Discover e-commerce & social media tips for fashion brands’.

Simon discussed how retailers can adapt to the new digital environment by sticking to a stripped back, simple website that is easy to navigate. This means no splash page, flash or animation as this just slows the customer down in making a purchase. We ask him what `simple’ and `no fuss’ really means; how to create quality and relevant content; and why Facebook and Twitter is crucial to your retail survival.

Here are his top tips:

1. Brand Websites
- measure your weekly and monthly visitors, subscribers & stats
- keep your website design and layout simple, and let the content be king
- start slowly, spend a bit, then upgrade when you can afford it

2. Blogs
- publish content like your lookbooks, behind the scenes, your press releases
- tag all of your blog posts

3. Facebook & twitter
- Facebook is about customer interaction & discussion
- Twitter is better as a news service
- Share on both sites regularly. Don’t be afraid of bombarding

4. Emails, Newsletters & User Acquisition
- Collect email addresses at events (parades, exhibitions, runway shows, pop up shops or parties)
- Put exclusive content in your newsletters to encourage joiners

5. Mobile & Location
- Make sure your site is mobile optimised
- Mobile will be used for discovery & transactions

6. YouTube & Video
- Video is the new form of content and is replacing runway shows
- Tag your video correctly

7. SEo & Google
- Emphasise key words within your content as they are more likely to be indexed
- Get your friends to comment on posts. Comments increase ranking

8. Advertising & Paid Search
- Display advertising, paid search & social advertising

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Trends Exposed with Tony Bannister of Scout, Fashion Exposed Sydney…

Tony Bannister of Sydney-based trend agency, Scout chats to Fashion Exposed Online Editor, Sacha Strebe on `Unearthing global trends for retail, catwalk and the consumer’ for SS13.

Tony kicked off the seminar with the notion of `everyday people’ as the underlying force and influence behind global trends, he explains `We need to be real, for today’s changing consumer, you have to talk to your consumer in a very personalised way so by having something which is very authentic, very real it needs to be about your customer… As the industry becomes homogenised, the cooler, smaller brands are personalising their collections to suit their customer, to authenticate it and be individual.”

He also discusses the move from fast to slow fashion and how retailers can incorporate this into their boutiques; his discoveries during a recent trip to Bread and Butter trade event in Europe; and how the concept of `everyday people’ relates to tracking trends at Scout.

Here are his `big picture’ trends from the Digital Exposed business seminar on Day 2 of Fashion Exposed:

1. Slow Fashion – slow, organic trends inspired by the slow down in the economy and the changing needs of consumers
2. Folksy – Music and fashion are being inspired by authentic, creative, handcrafted design with a sweet old fashioned feel to it
3. Environmental – Nature inspired trends, yearning to be healthy and natural, moving away from chaos towards balance & harmony
4. Contemporary – Technology not nostalgia that drives us forward with high tech based, bold graphics in minimalist looks & fabrics
5. Cultural – East meets West as we merge ethnic influences into our thinking. Harmony, tolerance and understanding are gaining momentum
6. Authentic – Timeless vintage or pared back grunge. The anti-thesis of the tech consumer. Old world values and washed out industrial design
7. Luxury – Re-establishing itself as a more personal, discreet kind of luxury. A stealth wealth moving away from the masses
8. Gender Bender – Women’s new role in topping the rich list and more stay at home dad’s. Society and roles are changing. Blurring lines.
9. Glamatic – Our naughty side wants to act up against all the issues, political correctness and folksy messages. High octane fabrics, gloss and shine is back

Slow life
1. Time Takers – soft, sun-faded & sun-bleached
2. Arty Crafters – retro, pretty, crafy, homespun
3. Minimalists – monochromes, clean shades, verging on classics
4. Remakers – urban, black with strong dirty jewel tones
5. Authentics – real, traditional shades, pre-season

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Regional Exposed with Garland & Garland Fashion…

We chat to Phoebe and Robert Garland of Garland & Garland Fashion delivered their Regional Exposed Seminar at Fashion Exposed, Sydney `Learn how to maximise your regional boutique business’.

Here are her top tips:

Building a Brand for your Business:
1. Be known everywhere, not just locally – think globally.
2. Invest in marketing materials
3. Think outside the square – partnering opportunities to build your brand

Building sales through marketing
1. Social networking
2. Text message promotions
3. Engage in PR and become key stockists for magazines

Multi-channelling online & social media
1. Social networking on facebook, twitter, tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+ etc
2. Consider selling garments on facebook
3. Start building a good website with an online shopping cart

Fundamentals of a good online site
1. Free shipping, hassle free returns, fast response to email queries
2. Quality photos & extensive product descriptions
3. Easy to navigate site with social media interaction

Top Tips
1. Understand your customer
2. Strong customer service
3. Staggering your deliveries
4. Communication between suppliers

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Retail Exposed with Kate Vandermeer at Fashion Exposed, Sydney…

“We are in the midst of a retail revolution where consumers are bored and confused by the old methods of retailing and aren’t quite sure what the new rules are. They want dynamic, interactive, experiences where they connect in an authentic way with the products they are buying.”

We spoke with Kate Vandermeer of iSpyStyle after her Retail Exposed Business Seminar at Fashion Exposed, Sydney to discuss design that moves and creating dynamic experiences in your retail environment; the idea of the pop-up shop and mobile shop and how to incorporate this into your business; and what to do if you’re struggling with imagination or creative ideas.

Here are her top tips;

1. Design that moves
- creating dynamic experiences that encourage revisits by customers due to the curiosity and unexpectedness

2. Team Spirit
- Joining forces with other creatives to share ideas, share databases and try something new is always going to be better and more effective than going it along

3. Experience based retailing
- Throw out the rule book and create a must-do/see/touch experience so that the customer feels they’re missing out if they don’t participate. Think temporary spaces and mobile shops.

4. Natural Habitat
- Merchandising product in its natural environment and creating a more realistic experience will make the customer feel more connected.

5. Upcycling
- This is luxe recycling. Taking old things and giving them a new, modern context. It’s about being environmentally conscious with style.

6. Patch of Green
- Incorporating greenery into your retail space for oxygen, freshness, customer satisfaction and well-being.

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Digital Exposed with Reborn Digital Creative & Media Agency at Fashion Exposed, Sydney

The world your consumer lives in is changing, fast. It’s not about what digital channels we use, everyone is everywhere.81.9% use the internet, 32% use mobile internet, and 85% of active users use social networks. There is no separation between digital and reality, because digital is part of life now, it’s just how we do things. And it’s this consumer’s change in habits that we need to capitalise on in order to succeed in the new landscape. Brands need to give consumers the power to share, recommend and co-create around a single brand idea that always has a personal connection.

This is just one of the key messages Digital Creative & Media Agency, Reborn delivered today during their Digital Exposed Business Seminar during day 1 of Fashion Exposed, Sydney. We took one Reborn Creative Director, Jarrad Collings aside to discuss the channels we need to be tuned into now; what the buzzword omni-channel means for retailers; and why it’s important to create quality content for sharing online.

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Apparel Live Look Book at Fashion Exposed, Sydney…

Don’t miss the Live Look Book runway shows during Fashion Exposed featuring both womenswear and accessories from the upcoming spring summer 2012 collections.

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