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Digital Exposed Seminar

Wondering what “checking in” is all about? Wondering why people and not birds are tweeting? Do you know that your business needs to sell online but don’t know the first thing about it?

Digital Exposed is a seminar…

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Ginny & Jude win with their DEBUT…

A signature range of headwear is complemented by smaller seasonally inspired ranges of jewellery, belts, apparel and other assorted knick-knackery in the debut line from accessories brand, Ginny & Jude. The distinctly unique fashion accessories are constructed from a carefully selected combination of new and vintage materials. Taking its cues from the ephemeral sensation of a summer fling, Ginny & Jude Designs presented an equally giddy collection of brilliant colours, playful textures and bright-lit feelings as a finalist at the recent DEBUT competition at Fashion Exposed, Sydney.

Designer, Rabia Lockwood consequently took out the top prize for her 50s-inspired creations and this is our first chat since the win where Rabia shraes her passion for upcycling to reinvent her vintage treasures into modern art work especially in the area of millinery; working alongside costume jewellery designer, Victoria Spring; and how a summer fling inspired the latest collection.

How did you get your start in jewellery design? Why were you drawn to accessories and has fashion design always been a career goal?

I first became interested in jewellery design when working for costume jewellery designer Victoria Spring – the workroom was above her shop where I worked in Paddington and it was wonderful experience to work in and amongst all the piles of old and new pieces that were used in her designs. I’m a trained writer, and it took me quite a few office jobs to realise that I wanted turn my passion for styling and accessories into something bigger.

Your designs of headwear and jewellery is very 50s inspired, what draws you to this era?

I am definitely drawn to the style of the past; 1950s or earlier. It was an era when women accessorized with intent; with hats and gloves, neat brooches and necklaces. I like the idea that the accessories really made an outfit back then.

Ginny & Jude Designs combine a selection of new and vintage materials, why do you choose to take reference from the old to create the new? Is upcycling something you are passionate about?

I think there are many exceptionally beautiful components – especially in millinery – that are simply more astounding and light-hearted than things which are produced today. The craftsmanship was also incredible. The silk veiling which was produced in France in the early 1900s – which you can still get if you search hard enough – is soft, light and the designs are as stunning as fine cobwebs. You simply cannot find something like that being produced today. I also enjoy the fact that using restored vintage components brings a rich world history to each piece.

All of your designs are made in Australia, is it important to you to maintain this stamp? Why?

For me, it’s important to support local businesses where possible. And on a very basic level, I am quite particular about the finishing of my work, so I am able to keep a closer eye on pieces produced locally.

How did it feel to take out the DEBUT title for accessories at Fashion Exposed, Sydney? What did the experience bring to your label?

It was an honour to be named best emerging accessories designer! Being a part of DEBUT was a great experience overall – meeting all the other young and amazing designers and discussing our craft was quite inspiring.

Have you already started work on the next collection? Can you reveal anything, inspiration or theme?

For Autumn/Winter I’ve taken inspiration from ancient Russian fairytales; dark forests, mists at dawn and strident princesses with pale faces.

What do you hope for Ginny & Jude Designs in 2012?

For 2012 I’m hoping to source stockists Australia wide and continue bringing beautiful pieces to discerning women around the world.

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